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Profile in Courage–in the avian world

An injured bird, possibly a victim of an attack by a hawk, figured out how to fortify himself for the winter despite his inability to fly.

The pictures below describe his gleaning the dropped finch seeds from our feeder: the second his mastering of the art of tree climbing to reach his perch and our several suet feeders: the third showing him just landing on the perch attached to the one feeder he seems to be able to “parachute” onto–amazingly negotiating the pigeon barrier above it during the drop: the fourth his squeezing through the wire to dine on the suet; the fifth celebrating his triumph after yet another trek up the tree.

Will he survive the winter? If any critter can, he certainly will. Courage in a tiny package!

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Teapot Dome, second edition

It seems clear that the incoming Trump Administration has already figured out how to make the country “great again”. Key to its strategy is the sale or “gift” of public assets to private interests, mainly “friends” of Trump and his pals.

Certainly whatever token amount can be worked out for this fire sale of the heritage of our country will temporarily boost revenues, but in the long term (too late, of course) we will learn the consequences of the election of 2016.

The other part of this festival of greed will be what are called “usage charges” for literally everything essential to life and sustenance,  essentially the conversion of freely traveled highways to toll roads, escalating fees for privately owned frequency spectrum and both surface and subsurface water.

Actually we will see a replay of the scandals of the Harding Administration of the 1920s, such as the Teapot Dome bribery case involving the only Cabinet Officer (so far!) convicted of a crime in office, a character well known in New Mexico (and reviled by history!), Albert B. Fall.

Complicit in the Harding greed-fest was Republican lock on Congress, lasting from 1919 to 1930, during which the slide toward Depression and war was launched—another similarity to today.

Sadly, responsibility for this election result belongs with all the eligible voters who, by their indifference, failed to exercise their responsibilities by voting in the 2016 election (final total, 53.1% voted, 46.9 % stayed home). I hope they’re happy.

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