There seems to be no doubt that Repubs in Congress are motivated to destroy ObamaCare because it represents a key part of the legacy of President Barak Obama, our first mixed-race President.

Suppose we simply rename the Affordable Care Act AMABOCARE, which contains the Latin word amabo, President Obama’s surname spelled backwards?

Would that confuse Obama haters in Congress, and encourage them to attend to pressing issues facing our population? We can at least hope!

amabo in English

translation and definition “amabo”, Latin-English Dictionary  online


Type: verb, adverb;
  • please    

    { adverb }
    interjection to make a polite request
    interjection to make commands more polite
  • i will love
    Vide, amabo , num sit domi. Please see if he is at home.
    Please. (Short for amābō tē.)
    first-person singular future active indicative of amō “I shall love” Amabo te. Please. ( literally: “I shall love you.”) “I shall be fond of, I shall like” “I shall be under obligation to; I shall be obliged to” Amabo te. Please. ( literally: “I shall be obliged to you.”)
    Please. (Short for amābō tē.)
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Automatic translation:

I will love

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (2)

amabo te

Example sentences with “amabo”, translation memory

la Mariam semper amabo.

en I will always love Mary.

la Amabo te, iube eam salvere.

en Please say hello to her.

la Amabo te, iube uxorem tuam salvere.

en Please say hello to your wife.

la Tē semper amābō!

en I will love you forever!

la Vivus an extinctus te semper amabo.

en Alive or dead, I’ll always love you.

la Te usque ad extremum spiritum amabo.

en I’ll love you until the day I die.

la Semper te amabo.

en I’ll always love you.

la Te semper amabo.

en I’ll always love you.

la Te amo et semper amabo.

en I love you and always will love you.

Is there a better way to describe the intent of healthcare for those in the U.S. who need it than LOVE-CARE?
    Its opposite, being crafted by this McConnell/Ryan Congress, could best be described as HATE-CARE. Who can resist the following analysis of the “hate” syndrome in Latin:

What is the phrase “Haters will hate” translated to Latin?

inimici oderint OR inimicae oderint (if your haters only have X chromosomes)


if you want a silly word like “hater” you could substitute the made-up “oditores” for “inimici” and that’ll work whatever chromosomes they have.

Is there an antidote for “Hate” in whatever language? Post a comment below the Roman concept of “Amabo”, depicted here:
Cupid picture as JPEG
Cupid and Psyche, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
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