Profile in Courage–in the avian world

An injured bird, possibly a victim of an attack by a hawk, figured out how to fortify himself for the winter despite his inability to fly.

The pictures below describe his gleaning the dropped finch seeds from our feeder: the second his mastering of the art of tree climbing to reach his perch and our several suet feeders: the third showing him just landing on the perch attached to the one feeder he seems to be able to “parachute” onto–amazingly negotiating the pigeon barrier above it during the drop: the fourth his squeezing through the wire to dine on the suet; the fifth celebrating his triumph after yet another trek up the tree.

Will he survive the winter? If any critter can, he certainly will. Courage in a tiny package!

Pictures below:courageous-bird-november-2016-002courageous-bird-november-2016-003courageous-bird-november-2016-008courageous-bird-november-2016-005courageous-bird-november-2016-015

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